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Simple, multi-mode meetings for dispersed business teams

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Virtual Meeting for Sales & Marketing

Virtual Meeting allows dispersed work teams and sales and marketing professionals to conference easily with colleagues and clients.


Enable your team with one license.

With Virtual Meeting you only need a single user license to create a group with multiple participants. You can connect with colleagues, partners or clients - just add them to your group.

You can invite anyone to use Virtual Meeting at no extra cost.


Leverage your existing assets.

Virtual Meeting connects to room based solutions and other video conferencing services - adding functionality and flexibility to your existing video conferencing infrastructure.

Entirely compatible with your existing room based equipment.


Scheduled or Ad hoc meetings.

Virtual Meeting allows you to message and connect to colleagues and partners at the click of a button or to schedule meetings. It’s a flexible every day service that brings teams together.

Create scheduled or ad hoc meetings for colleagues, partners and clients.

pay as you go

No contract. Simply pay as you go.

Virtual Meeting doesn’t require a contract or long-term commitment. It’s a simple pay as you go service that requires no upfront investment in special hardware.

If you’ve got a webcam and a microphone you can start today.

any to any 2

Any-to-any. True connectivity.

Virtual Meeting is standards based which means that you can connect to any other video conferencing platform or service.

Connect to any other platform or service with a single Virtual Meeting subscription.

made for sharing

Made for sharing.

Virtual Meeting allows you to create groups of multiple users, all with a single subscription. Just invite your students with a simple email, install the software and get started.

A single license is enough to create a virtual classroom.

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