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Three important things you need to know about Virtual Meeting.


Collaborate with anyone in real time.

Virtual Meeting provides a full suite of collaboration tools so you can work on projects with partners, customers and colleagues in real time from a simple, intuitive user interface.

You can invite anyone to collaborate on Virtual Meeting. It's a true any-to-any video collaboration service.


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no contract

No contract.
Simply pay as you go.

Virtual Meeting doesn’t require a contract or long-term commitment. It’s a simple pay as you go service that requires no upfront investment in special hardware.

Take your business forward with Virtual Meeting. If you’ve got a webcam and a microphone you can start today.


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rich video

Add rich video conferencing to any meeting.

Virtual Meeting is ideal for organisations who need to bring together dispersed teams or remote workers and need to avoid the expense and limitation of room based systems.

You don't need specialist hardware, skills or support. Just create a group, add your colleagues and away you go.


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Virtual Meeting is ideal for education establishments looking for cost-effective technology to support virtual classrooms.

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virtual meeting for education
law and finance

Law & Finance

Virtual Meeting is ideal for professional firms who need a secure reliable system for consultations and meetings.

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Sales & Marketing

Virtual Meeting is ideal for Sales & Marketing teams who need a simple, cost-effective tool for meetings and training.

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virtual meeting for sales and marketing
consumer research

Consumer Research

Virtual Meeting is ideal for consumer research groups looking for a simple, universal video meeting tool.

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What could you do with Virtual Meeting?

Virtual Meeting allows you to communicate in a whole new way.
Bring teams, partners and customers together.

Video Conference

Add rich video functionality to any meeting

Virtual Meeting is a fully featured video conferencing service that’s compatible with systems (including room systems) from any other manufacturer. With multiple interaction modes for lectures, large groups and audio-only attendance, Virtual Meeting provides all the functionality you’d expect from a premium room system at a small fraction of the cost.

video conference
audio conference

Audio Conference

Create audio only or mixed conference groups

Virtual Meeting allows you to bring together different participants with video, audio and mixed media conferences. You can create video conferences, audio conferences or a mixture of the two - normal, lecture and moderated modes give you additional control over the organisation and structure of your conferences.


Share documents and collaborate in real time

Virtual Meeting provides a complete online collaboration tool for virtual teams. Collaboration can be enabled in any video conference where documents can be shared between parties and edits made on-screen in real-time. Virtual Meeting allows your virtual teams to work more effectively, all for a low monthly fee.



Bring teams, partners and customers together

Anyone can use Virtual Meeting. You don’t need specialist hardware, just a laptop with a webcam and a microphone. It’s fully interoperable so you can connect to any other system on the market from any of the major room system manufacturers. Virtual Meeting is simple, versatile and way to enjoy true any-to-any video conferencing and collaboration.


Enterprise wide conferencing 

Virtual Meeting can be shared with anyone, anywhere. With a Virtual Meeting license, you can invite anyone to conference, share and collaborate with you simply by adding them to your group. Users don’t need a license or subscription to participate so you can extend the benefits of Virtual Meeting with no extra costs.


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