Step 1.

Enter your contact details.

The first thing you need to do once you’ve hit the ‘Try Now’ button is enter your contact details. By default you will be granted the title ‘Administrator’ (don’t worry, you can allocate that role to someone else later.) We’ll need your telephone number and your email address. We only need the telephone number of the administrator in case of support or other admin issues but your email address will become your ID on the Virtual Meeting service - what we call your ‘service name’.

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enter your contact details
create a group login

Step 2.

Create a Group Login.

The next thing you need to do is create a Group Login. This is where you give your group a name e.g. “sales team” and create a password. These are the details that you (the administrator) will need when you want to update account details and manage the different users.

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Step 3.

Create a meeting PIN.

Now you’ll need to create a meeting PIN. The meeting PIN is the security code that all users need to create and manage meetings.

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create a meeting pin
add your group members

Step 4.

Add your group members.

The final set up stage is to add in your group members. For this you’ll need the email addresses of all the members you want to add - these will be used as the service name IDs on the account.

Once that’s all done - hit ‘submit’.

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  • activate


    We’ll send you an activation email with a link that you click to activate your new Virtual Meeting account.

    On this page you’ll see a link that will auto-send invitations to the email addresses you added at step 4. They’ll also get instructions on how to download and install Virtual Meeting.

  • access group home

    Access Group Home

    Now you can log in to the group homepage where you’ll see a list of all the user endpoints and meeting rooms you’ve created.

    This is the main management console where you’ll be able to add user endpoints, email the group and create meeting rooms.

  • download install

    Download & Install

    Each user in the group should now download and install the application software, and enter the user credentials (eg, 1234001) when prompted to do so.

    This will register the application to the system and they will be able to call the other group members.

You’re now ready to use Virtual Meeting

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Virtual Meeting

What’s a user device?

A user device is our term for any device that connects to the Virtual Meeting service. It could be an iPad, iPhone, laptop or a third party device from another video conferencing manufacturer such as Sony, Polycom or Tandberg. Virtual Meeting allows you to hold calls between different devices and third party room systems. Devices have to be registered to the service ID of a member of your group in order to participate in calls but that's as simple as installing the client and clicking a few options to register another device.

What’s a service name?

Virtual Meeting allows you to be called by a name or number. The service name is your unique name on the Virtual Meeting service that allows other users to call you. For individual users using software clients this is usually your email address.

What’s a service number?

A service number performs the same task as the service name but can used where only a numeric keypad is available (such as handsets and third party room systems). The service number can be used instead of the service name and is auto-generated by the Virtual Meeting system.

What’s a group?

A group is a collection of users who subscribe together to use the Virtual Meeting service. Group members can make calls to one another and share private Virtual Meeting rooms. You can add anyone you like into your group - customers, partners and colleagues - and they can instantly enjoy all the benefits of the Virtual Meeting service.