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Consumer Research

Conduct face-to-face interviews, anywhere with anyone

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Virtual Meeting for Consumer Research

Consumer researchers can add a whole new dimension to the interview.
Face-to-face meetings from a simple subscription service.

one license

One License.
Many faces.

With Virtual Meeting you can add anyone to your group. Just send them an invitation, install the application and connect for simple, face-to-face interviews.

You can connect to anyone with Virtual Meeting for simple monthly fee.

simple to install

Simple to install.
Easy to use.

Virtual Meeting takes just a few minutes to set up and get started. Once installed, users work with a simple, untuitive user interface to set up calls, share and collaborate on documents.

It takes only a few minutes to invite new users and get started.

any device

Any device.
Any OS.

Virtual Meeting is available to run on Mac, PC or iOS devices. It’s standards based so will also connect to proprietary conferencing hardware. Maximum connectivity, minimum fuss.

Works across platforms to ensure maximum interoperability.

pay as you go

No contract. Simply pay as you go.

Virtual Meeting doesn’t require a contract or long-term commitment. It’s a simple pay as you go service that requires no upfront investment in special hardware.

If you’ve got a webcam and a microphone you can start today.

any to any 2

Any-to-any. True connectivity.

Virtual Meeting is standards based which means that you can connect to any other video conferencing platform or service.

Connect to any other platform or service with a single Virtual Meeting subscription.

made for sharing

Made for sharing.

Virtual Meeting allows you to create groups of multiple users, all with a single subscription. Just invite your students with a simple email, install the software and get started.

A single license is enough to create a virtual classroom.

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