What are the key benefits of Virtual Meeting?

  • benefit 1

    1. It’s ubiquitous

    True any-to-any connectivity

    Virtual Meeting is a standards-based service, which means that it will interoperate with services and solutions from other manufacturers. It’s based on the same technology and provides the same features as large room-based systems so that you can work closely with customers, partners and colleagues regardless of the systems they use.

  • benefit 2

    2. Big business functionality

    Meeting rooms, P2P calls, collaboration & more

    Virtual Meeting provides a rich feature set that delivers all the benefits and functionality you’d expect from a high-end room based system. Users can create virtual meeting rooms, initiate P2P calls and collaborate on shared documents, all from a simple and intuitive user interface. It’s an instant boost to your productivity and responsiveness.

  • benefit 3

    3. Small business prices

    No commitment with a low monthly fee

    Virtual Meeting is a simple, low-cost subscription service. There’s no tie-in, no long-term contract and no additional costs. There’s no specialist equipment and no dedicated hardware required - just a webcam, microphone and an internet connection. You get a high-end video infrastructure without the costs and overheads of a dedicated system.

  • benefit 4

    4. Easy to use

    No training or support staff required

    Virtual Meeting provides all the functionality you’d get from a dedicated room system through a simple, intuitive desktop user interface. You don’t need specialist staff or support procedures - just access to the administrative tools. It’s a low-cost, hassle-free way to extend the benefits of video conferencing to your entire organisation.

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